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Scout's Honor #1 - Aftershock Comics - Review

Scout's Honor #1 releases on New Comic Book Day this week, 01/06/2021. Aftershock Comics is starting off with a bang this week. The writer & creator is David Pepose with Art by Luca Casalanguida and A covers by Andy Clarke. Matt Milla is on colors and Carlos M Mangual the letters. 

Let's check out the solicit first!

"Years after a nuclear apocalypse, a new society has risen from the ashes...and their bible is an old Ranger Scout manual.

A young Ranger Scout named Kit has endured the harsh survivalist upbringing needed to con-quer the irradiated Colorado Badlands. But after discovering a terrible secret once lost to histo-ry, Kit must risk everything on a dangerous quest to uncover the truth behind the Ranger Scouts' doctrine."

The cover shows our protagonist Kit notching her bow, prepared to kick some ass. Behind them is Dr. Jefferson Hancock the author of the Rangers manual that this post apocalyptic society lives by. With the Flag waving in the background it's a great cover showing the elements of the book and the forces behind what Kit is facing now. 

Pepose takes us for a journey here right out the gate with a savage encounter in the wilderness we learn people were waiting out the nuclear fall out and have surfaced ~300 years ago. They've outlined their whole hierarchy around the Rangers manual and a series of Merit Badges. With a post apocalyptic backdrop similar to some stories the characters really differ in their fervent Scout's code. Kit is excelling within the group which doesn't sit well with the Scoutmaster's son. 

You can already tell what used to be a friendly rivalry has begun to get personal between Kit & Dez who is looking for attention from Dad. Kit has a secret or two of her own or at least her father does. The Highwaymen are aproaching though! Think crazy madmax looters and you're pretty close. So the scouts dispatch with Kit leading the way,. During the fight she stumbles on something that changes her perception of things. We'll find out what she does with that knowledge as the book pushes onward. It was a great read with a quick pace and some twists in the characterization while setting up the backdrop for the story to come. For those of you looking to make Eagle Guard there's a full list of the needed merit pages in the back of the book! 


I really enjoyed Luca Casalanhuida's previous work with Ales Kot on Lost Soldiers. Happy to see him on another project here. His art with Milla's colors come together here showing us scenes of the dystopian future and a society that could feasibly be living among the wreckage of today. They provide a unique vision to the project with solid art and some great action scenes. No project could be complete without the Letterer and Mangual's touch was just right here establihing a standard and shaking things up when new threats or certain elements are needed.

Overall I'm very pleased with this first issue. It does everything you need in a book while promising to tell quite a story with our young honorable scout having to decide what to do next and perhaps face the reality that things aren't as black and white or so easily managed. On the flip side we may actually see Kit lean harder into the manual for the resources and the right thing to do. The Merit badge list maybe foreshadows some of the type of adventure to be had in coming issues. Look for #1 on the stands this week, 01/06/2021 and make sure to follow other great series coming from Aftershock Comics like Knock Em' Dead & Kaiju Score!

- Rob