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Frank at Home on the Farm #1 Scout Comics - Review

Another pick from the November Scout Comics box. Let's take a read though Frank at Home on the Farm written by Jordan Thomas with art by Clark Bint. This book made a splash with folks seeking it out. I'm happy it arrived in the box for a read and to add to my collection. What do we know? Well basically Frank returns from WW1 and finds only his farm animals there with everyone else missing. The series is pulling influence from The Shining and Twin Peaks.

The cover is fresh and reveals some of the madness that may ensue with Frank returning home. The farm is built up literally out of his mind here. Great eye catching cover with Frank glaring out. 

Opens up with Frank returning home to find it empty. The town still has people in it but they don't seem to remember his family or really want anything to do with his problem. The first glimpse that something may be wrong confirmed by a docile dog suddenly going wild on Frank sending him back to the family farm to figure it out for himself. 

He has a wicked nightmare with some entity or thing talking to him from the Darkness as he has memories of being back WW1 marching through barbed wire and mud. A wild half panel shows these animal soldiers eating Frank and laughing while offering him some after he gets wrapped in the wire.

Frank wakes up well and truly frightened to find still nobody else home there at the farm. Next he decides to visit an old neighbor who is kind of off his rocker with age but he does remember Franks dad Charles. He loses his train of thought quickly but first mentions an accident that had happened. 

Cut to Frank working with the animals at home when he see's some movement. Somebody going inside the house so he follows with a weapon and starts talking to himself a bit finding noone. He later wakes up again hearing two voices talking to each other about almost being caught. He bursts from bed to see that again nobody is there. He collapses in confusion to deal with the glass he stepped on in his rush and desperation. 

Whoa, this book was great! Very much a horror novel in comic form. Thomas takes us on a ride right from the beginning with some animal foreshadowing and nice contrast between his "idyllic" farm and the nightmarescape of Frank's mind. Issue No. 2 comes out February 24th so you've got some time to get your hands on this one! 

I really don't know if Frank is back on the farm at all or perhaps he's dying still in the war or in a hospital remembering this? We'll find out in February!

- Rob