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AD: Pregame NCBD 12/23/2020



- Bad Idea Comics:
- Check out last week’s Creator interview with Adam Barnhardt and look for the next coming up with the writer of Frank at Home on the Farm and Quarrantine from Scout Comics, Jordan Thomas!

Keys of the week:

Jim Comics Youtube: Spawn 313 Variant - Greg Capullo -> 1st cover of Plague Spawn!
Gotham City Comics (Mesa, AZ): King in Black #2
Key Collector Comics and the Key Collector App:  A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night #2

Rob’s Picks:

Behemoth Comics - A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night #2 Cvr B
Source Point Press - Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion #1
IDW - Sea of Sorrows #2
Image Comics - Undiscovered Country #11

Honorable Mentions:

Image Comics - The Department of Truth #4
Marvel Comics - Excalibur #16
Vault - The Picture of Everything Else #1

Cover Considerations:

Ice Cream Man #22 - Advent Calendar
Spawn #313 - Santa Violator and Plague Spawn Covers

PreOrder Plug:

Marvel Comics - Alien #1 - March 3rd 2021